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Aerosmith Tribute- Draw the Line

  • Back in January 1998 this band was highly spoken about by none other than Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler. He singled out Draw The Line as the best of the Aerosmith tribute bands. On Boston’s biggest Rock radio station 104.1 WBCN, disc jockey Nick Carter quoted “I’ve seen Draw The Line! They ARE Aerosmith!” They are the only tribute band who has been featured on the Official Aerosmith Website as well as that of Aerosmith’s Official Fan Club. With support and accolades from Aerosmith themselves, ... It’s no wonder that Draw The Line is recognized as a one-of-a-kind….in a league of their own amongst tribute acts, and of a caliber that is unparalleled in the tribute genre” says reporter, Joe Reardon of the Mariner Newspaper Group.