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Aging Disgracefully - XMAS Special

  • Aging Disgracefully” is a LOL look at the ins and outs growing old and staying young. The show features stand-up comedy, unique skits, song parodies, and audience interaction. Veteran comics Doreen Collins and Charlie Hall have teamed up for this raucous romp through Wrinkle-hood busting on botox, bifocals, bingo and more. ​The aging process was never so funny, as they touch on dating, menopause, facial treatments, celebrity face-lifts, drug names, new gadgets for the graying, and the inevitable “senior moments”. Celebrity appearances, even a touching piece that deals with the invisibility problem that happens as we age. Wait til ou hear the funny twist these two have on again during the holidays ! But despite the aches and pains of time, “Aging Disgracefully” celebrates the golden years in this joyful, hysterical production that is prime entertainment for ALL ages- not just the older ones.