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Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly/Creating Joy - "Inspiration Revealed"

  • The Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly presents Creating Joy - “Inspiration Revealed” featuring artists Patty Nunes and Dan Marantz with Special Guests, The Ocean Community YMCA Garden Club. Inspiration has always been a mystery. From the Latin inspirare , meaning "to breathe into," inspiration creates an almost magical burst of creativity. The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the muse, as well as the gods. Some see it as divine, some find it in nature, or music. Wherever it comes from, this month’s show at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, Creating Joy - “Inspiration Revealed,” is vibrant with work that reflects the magic. The artists at ACGOW are excited to welcome the community to the Gallery to see the show which will showcase both live “ Art in Bloom ” and an abundance of color and movement. Patrons can enjoy pink poppies blooming, iconic local scenes, abstract and impressionistic blue green seascapes, colorful vintage glass flowers and one of a kind handcrafted wooden bowls, charcuterie boards and tables. June’s show will also be alive with colorful floral arrangements from the Ocean Community YMCA Garden Club, which continues: “ Art in Bloom ,” their annual June tradition of sharing in the creative process. Each participating club member will select a work of art as inspiration for a unique floral interpretation. Guests of the show get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful creative bouquets complementing the various artwork on display during the first weekend of June. Free and Open to All. New hours: Thursdays 1-5, Friday and Saturday 11-7, Sunday 1-5.