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Bob Perlow-"The Warm Up Guy"

  • Surprisingly bold, gut busting, and completely unique, The Warmup Guy is the coolest walk through warming up for so many shows that you know. encounters with so many stars that you know, and only as Bob Perlow can tell it because it's all about his time with amazingly big names, stars and comedians and his roommate Jay Leno. Bob Perlow is a comedic entertainer who creates, produces, writes, and stars in many performances. Growing up with actors and actresses for more than thirty five years in the business and alongside the stars we all love. His stories will WOW you and have you laughing. As well as raising an eyebrow or two. " Bob Perlow is the best warmup guy in the business. In a field where most guys last 13 weeks before being fired or moving on to another program, Bob was with me for almost my entire run of "The Tonight Show" Besides, I couldn't fire him, he knew all the secrets" Jay Leno.