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  • “FIRST THERE WAS RIVERDANCE, THEN CELTC WOMAN, AND NOW THE POPULAR PBS PLEDGE SHOW CHRISTMAS WITH THE CELTS WHICH IS TOURING ACROSS AMERICA” Kevin Crane, PBS The original national PBS show Christmas with The Celts aired on over 200 PBS channels across the U.S., Canada and on the BBC in Ireland for three years. This successful TV show was the initial spark, which created a huge demand for the production bringing them into Performing Arts Centers, Theaters, and large casinos every year. Here are what fans are saying.... Ticketmaster Reviews “ABSOLUTELY THE BEST THING I’VE SEEN IN A LONG, LONG TIME!” “THIS EVENT COULD HAVE NOT BEEN BETTER!” “NEVER A DULL MOMENT!” “THE SHOW WAS FANTASTIC! I WOULD DEFINITELY ATTEND THIS SHOW AGAIN NEXT YEAR!” Celebrating 12 years of successful national touring, Christmas with the Celts performs a wonderful combination of timeless ancient Irish Christmas Carols and lively Irish dance with modern contemporary songs but with Irish instrumentation. New Christmas hits, Celts originals and fresh Irish Dance tunes are added to the show each year so that no 2 years are the same. Always a pleasant surprise.