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David Bromberg Quintet at the Greenwich Odeum

  • Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter David Bromberg, after nearly a half century as a recording artist, isn’t standing still. He is still pushing boundaries, still an iconoclast, still unapologetically unique, as he continues to explore his life’s journey via a path that might be considered “asymmetrical." His musical expression is still inimitable and his scope of musical knowledge is encyclopedic. On his April 17 release, BIG ROAD (Red House Records), Bromberg and his band were determined to give fans “something of value” — in other words, a tangible, content-rich package of music, film, text and photos. Bromberg’s band is road-tested and filled with ace musicians. Its current lineup is anchored by Mark Cosgrove (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Nate Grower (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Josh Kanusky (drums, vocals) and newest member, Suavek Zaniesienko (bass, vocals). Joining David’s core band for the session are keyboardist extraordinaire Dan Walker on piano, organ and accordion, a stellar horn section of Bromberg regulars Birch Johnson (trombone), Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), Matt Koza (tenor sax) and Bob Stewart (tuba) and producer Campbell (mandolin and pedal steel).