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Gallery Opening: Eric Lutes, Meredith LeBlanc & Kerstin Zettmar

  • Eric Lutes is best known as the actor who played Del on NBC's long-running hit comedy "Caroline in the City" among many other roles, Eric's first passion is fine art and painting. Eric is the son of well known marine artist John D. Lutes, who served as an official portrait artist for the US Navy. He grew up in an art-friendly home on the East Coast. While his father's influence can be seen in his work, Eric has developed a unique and captivating style. When painting quahogs or oysters, he has been referred to as the Georgia O'Keefe of the sea. In addition. to painting and continued work in film and theater, Eric is a Senior Fellow at the Rhode Island Coastal Institute at the University of Rhode Island, Bay Campus. From the sweeping waves of Charlestown beach to the rocky shores of Maine, Eric captures the strength and ever changing quality of the sea. Meredith LeBlanc is an artist and realtor living in Newport, RI. Having returned to her easel in recent years, painting is a journey into herself and a meditative process. Feeling the sensuousness of the paint, the vibration of blending the colors, and the emotion that arises as she works has lessened her need for perfection and lets her life flow more naturally. As the daughter of an artist, she was fortunate to have the encouragement to explore being creative in every possible way. Her goal as an artist is to share what brings her joy and happiness. Kerstin Zettmar has exhibited and sold her work internationally in group shows and private shows, since 1976 in Sweden, UK, Poland, and the US. The Courthouse is excited to have these three amazing artists show their work. Come enjoy a gallery evening at the Courthouse. Meet the artists.... RSVP required