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International Observe the Moon Night

  • The weekend of September 14th will bring the annual International Observe the Moon Night, and Frosty Drew Observatory and Science Center will join thousands of museums, observatories, and science institutions around the world in spotlighting our nearest neighbor, the Moon. The waxing crescent Moon will be in perfect position for spectacular up-close viewing in the telescopes and on the grounds. Starting at 6:30 pm the Frosty Drew campus will be bustling with Lunar activities to mesmerize; including a telescope with a wide angle view of the entire Lunar surface, and a telescope presenting deep sky objects, stars, and everything non-Lunar. In the Observatory the main telescope will use high magnification to focus on notable craters and the Apollo landing sites. The Lunar Lounge will be set up with a live telescopic projection of the Moon. Video stations will be available showcasing the Moon using fantastic lunar imagery captured by Frosty Drew Observatory and other scientific institutions. In the Sky Theatre, will offer presentations about the Moon. In the Science Center a 12 foot wide panoramic of the Apollo 11 landing site will be on display compliments of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Stop in for a fun end-of-summer night under the beautiful moonlit skies of Ninigret Park and become acquainted with our only natural satellite, the Moon!