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Live From Las Vegas: - Chris Jason - Performing the Music of Sinatra; AND Joelle Righetti - Performing the Music of Cher

  • Chris Jason has been a professionally working musician for over 25 years and is considered to be one of the foremost Sinatra stylists around. Chris is not an impersonation of “The Chairman Of The Board”, but a tribute to the music of Frank Sinatra. The Great American Song Book has been his passion since the age of six, and with every performance each song is sung with utter respect for the man himself, Frank Sinatra. Chris has crafted his art throughout the years and has made this music come to life in his own way, his own true voice, his own personality shines through and each performance is kissed with the essence that is Frank Sinatra! Chris is being joined by Las Vegas’s own multi talented Joelle Righetti, who will be performing her “spot-on” tribute to the legend herself - Cher. There will be two performances: a 2:00 matinee, and a 7:30 evening performance. See website to purchase tickets.