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On Pettaquamscutt: The Ospreys of Narrow River

  • March 28: Craig Wood of the Narrow River Preservation Association will use footage from the live osprey webcam at Garrison House Acres to tell us about The Ospreys of Narrow River. The Friends of Canonchet Farm, Narrow River Preservation Association, South County Museum and the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library along with generous support from Trio Restaurant, are collaborating for the tenth year to sponsor the Winter Speaker Series On Pettaquamscutt: Presentations on the Environment and the History of the Narrow River Watershed. The presentations will take place on selected Sundays at 1:00 either at the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library, 35 Kingstown Road, Narragansett where there is a possibility of hosting the gathering in the library with a reduced number of attendees or the library has the possibility of using Zoom which could reach a larger audience.