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Paranormal Investigation at Smith's Castle

  • Hands On Paranormal Investigation at Historic Smiths Castle Join PLS, The Paranormal Legend Society and participate in an active paranormal investigation at historic Smiths Castle. You will be guided by experienced staff in an active investigation, instructed on use and interpretation of sophisticated gear specially designed for paranormal research investigations and experimentation. You are also welcome to bring your own gear as well. It is easy, fun, educational and unique. Smith’s Castle has a rich history spanning over 300 years; built with locally harvested timbers put together using old world craftsmanship and has had a very diverse array of usage, ranging from a trading post hub between European colonists and the local First People’s Nations, to a sprawling dairy farm, to multiple instances of serving as a private residence ranging over three centuries. It is hard to imagine how much life and humanity has occurred within its walls and on its grounds. It all awaits you to come learn, discover and experience. History Orientation begins at 6:30pm. Investigation begins at 7pm. All events are 18 years or older unless prior permission has been granted. A few things to consider. Dress for the weather as you will be both inside and outside. The castle is not airconditioned. You may want to bring a flash light. You may bring snacks and non alcoholic beverages. You are required to enjoy yourself NO exceptions !