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  • Host: Robbie Cavaco Robbie Cavaco hails from Rhode Island (The Ocean State). It will be like a 20 ft wave hits you in the face when you see him perform. Although he has only been performing a year and a half, he wasted no time jumping straight into the murky water of comedy without a life preserver. In that year and a half, Robbie has performed all over New England. Performing alongside the likes of Doug Key, Charlie Hall, Poppy Champlin, and Lee Syatt of The Church of What's Happening Now with Joey Diaz. Robbie may be new to this but he's true to his craft, which is expressed through his goofy, lighthearted sense of humor, with a little bit of satire sprinkled on top. Also he loves Ben Polom and still can’t admit it. Duchess SS Duchess SS, (the queen bee and arch nemesis of Ben Polom) presents her life in a nutshell. Her brutal honesty about her experiences has made her a force to be reckoned with amongst comics. Duchess has climbed the ranks within the RI comedy scene bringing with her a unique and hysterical energy that never disappoints. Also she’s beaten Ben in two comedy competitions, but doesn’t forget the one time he got the top spot on the podium. Stevie Collins Stevie Collins is as zany as they come! From true stories to bizarre takes and anecdotes. He has been making people laugh across New England for years with his over the top self deprecating humor and antics. Credits: Opened for Lenny Clarke, Dan St. Germaine, Dante Nero, Gilbert Gottfried Clubs: Dangerfields, St. Marks, Broadway Comedy Club, Improv Boston, Comedy Connection RI, comedy park Kim Arundel Kim is a local South County comedian and mom of two who likes to let loose with her hilarious, relatable, and at times inappropriate humor. Dave Sheehan Dave Sheehan, a lifelong resident of the New Haven area in Connecticut, has been entertaining comedy audiences for many years. He has been featured in the NYC Underground Comedy Festival and was a finalist in the 'Funniest Comic in Connecticut' competition. Ben Polom Ben Polom, a Rhode Island local, is an individual who’s only goal has been to be an entertainer ever since his fifth grade teacher told him he would never be David Letterman. To which Ben replied “obviously, that’s not even my name”. Immediately he received an absurd number of lunch detentions. Nevertheless he didn’t let that hold him back. He’s performed all over the north east including Providence, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut.