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Summer Pops 2022

  • THE EVENT IS FREE - YOU CAN PUT DOWN A BLANKET To reserve your spot, blankets can be put down in the park and left unattended beginning at 5 PM on Friday, June 17, 2022. Nothing else can be left unattended - including chairs, bags, coolers, or anything else unattended. Such items may be removed if found. Per Westerly Library & Wilcox Park rules, you may not leave/use a plastic tarp (it will be removed) or use spikes to secure your blanket at any time. Please note: Only low level sand chairs are permitted in the two main center sections. Higher chairs are permitted in the side sections just off center, on the far side sections, and in the back sections. Thank you for your understanding. The Fireworks are launching from the north side of the pond in the park. Best viewing will be from the hill on the Grove Avenue side of the park OR right near the fence, so you can see under the trees, on the pond/High Street side. The entire program should be done just before 10 pm (subject to change or weather changes). By event/library/park guidelines – Pets and animals are not permitted in Wilcox Park during Summer Pops. Smoking is not permitted in Wilcox Park. PARKING Note that parking for Summer Pops is not in any way controlled by event organizers, the Chorus of Westerly, the Library, or the staff of Wilcox Park. However, we strongly recommend you come early to find a place to park. Unless posted 'No Parking' or otherwise restricted, parking for Summer Pops attendees is usually available on most of the area side streets in the neighborhoods surrounding the park and downtown, in any open and available public lot, and this year, subject to availability - the Main Street Washington Trust parking lots and the first level of the parking garage. Parking will fill up fast so come early. Note that parking on High Street, Broad Street, will be very limited and/or may not be available. A limited number of accessible parking spots are typically available around the park (check Grove Ave and High Street) until they are filled or up until late afternoon. Contact Westerly Police (WPD) with questions. Day of show, if you have questions about accessible parking when you are in town, speak with a WPD officer in downtown for instruction or ideas. **Be aware that there are LOUD noises at Pops including cannon fire and fireworks.** The Artillery Company of Newport usually fires a cannon shot or two (blanks) at the beginning of the show. They also fire (blanks) at several points during the finale. Fireworks by Grucci fire their shells during the finale and just after and they can be loud. The Fireworks show is short, but be aware it makes a lot of noise. rain date June 19