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Summer Stargazing Nights

  • Are you looking for that awesome astronomy thing to do? How about catching up on all the amazing things happening in space? Frosty Drew Observatory Stargazing Nights is the place to be for all your astronomy needs. Every Friday night (weather permitting) we open our Observatory, Courtyard, Science Center, Sky Theatre, and telescopes to the sky, offering free views of the cosmos to anybody interested in observing with us. Starting at 6:00 pm, live views of the Sun are available in our solar telescopes. Have you ever seen a sunspot or a solar prominence? How about the Sun’s turbulent chromosphere? Well, this is your chance to catch an unforgettable view of our nearest star. Once the Sun sets, views of the beautiful night sky over Ninigret Park will rock your night. Hang out with our astronomers and telescopes as we showcase the rings of Saturn, the cratered lunar surface, the Galilean Moons of Jupiter, the polar ice caps of Mars, the phases of Venus, massive stars, speckled star clusters, vast nebulae, distant galaxies, and the best views of the Milky Way in Rhode Island. We stay open late, and close around 11:00 pm. Visit for more info and experience the darkest skies in Rhode Island for yourself.