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South County Arts & Culture Tour

  • All of South County, RI
  • Making art personal, prompting the evocation of ideas and vision that are unique to the viewer, is the challenge I pose for myself in my art. I create imagery that resonates emotionally, and focus on strong composition and energetic design. In painting I frequently work outside and search for ways I can interpret the landscape using color, design of space, and shapes. Quality of surface is essential, as is the way edges transition and shapes meet in a painting or sculpture, allowing one’s eye to move easily from one area to the next. I look for strong shapes and often seek closer values, allowing the viewer to more readily see color, to move throughout the entire image. When not at my easel painting, I make sculptural and functional porcelain vessels. Porcelain is most appealing to me for its luminosity, depth, and color response: it reflects every touch of the hand, is subtle and seductive in its fluidity. Infusing my work with the action of making, to reveal the nature of the material, while keeping movement and color fresh, is a continuing challenge. Painting and ceramics inform each other in unexpected and gratifying ways. Together they satisfy my desire for tactile experience and invite my visual pleasure. My task is finding ways to interpret what I see, what I feel, and what I choose to convey to the viewer – always an ongoing process.