Hope Valley, R.I., is charming village with a rural feel
by AAA member Rona Mann

Hope Valley is one of the best-kept secrets in Rhode Island. It is not near Hope, a section of Scituate, as many believe. It’s a little village between Richmond and Hopkinton, not far from the Connecticut border, and has natural beauty that is enough of a reason to visit Hope Valley by itself.

Stagecoach House Inn: Even if you don’t intend on spending the night, the inn is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy fishing, hiking along trails in the woods, and watch plenty of wildlife.

Dow Field: Don’t miss a Little League game at Dow Field, where the term “town pride” is defined over and over. The stands are always packed, there are affordable snacks for sale and the kids play their hearts out.

Hack & Livery: A real New England country store, Hack & Livery is on Route 3 in the center of the village and sells everything from candles to penny candy to toys and gifts.

West’s Bakery: Right by the only traffic light in town, is a must-stop for breakfast or lunch. Try the famous Bismarcks, which are their signature cream-filled doughnuts.

Legend’s Bar & Grill: Enjoy a drink and have lunch or dinner at Legends, the local hangout on Spring Street (Route 138). Warm, friendly, beautifully decorated and welcoming, this is a local favorite for a reason.

Wyoming Fruit & Veg: Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables to eat on the spot or cook up at home. Also offered are seasonal items like shrubs in the spring, pumpkins in the fall, and Christmas trees in the late fall.