Toddlers & Surfer in South County

West Greenwich

Headquarters of international corporations and URI's Whispering Pines Conference Center are at home in this Southern Rhode Island sportsman's paradise with 80% of the area comprised of woodlands. Stepping Stone Ranch is a haven for families in love with horseback riding, hayrides, camping or hiking. Rock climbing is a challenge in the Wickaboxet Area's Rattlesnake Ledge, and Big River spawns big fish waiting to be caught. 

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Native American Pow Wow celebrations, dance festivals and storytelling sessions are sell out events held during the summer season. The University of Rhode Island's W. Alton Jones Campus offers ecological education experiences through nature displays, camping expeditions and retreats for children and adults. The hunt for woodlands end in this South County town.

West Greenwich farm


Fall colors


Sunset in West Greenwich

Road in Winter

Kids playing in the water

West Greenwich farm

Horses crossing a stream