Six months ago, Superstorm Sandy slammed into Southern New England, causing millions of dollars of damage. Today, significant progress has been made as towns and residents try to get back on their feet. After six grueling months of clean up, the beaches are ready to go and local businesses are in a rush to get everything back to normal for the summer season.

Sally Sorensen, Manager at the popular Misquamicut spot, Windjammer Surf Bar has been through a rough six months since Sandy hit. "We though, hurricane, category 2, let's do the normal things. Sand bags, boarded up the windows, but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would be as bad as it was.

Now, six months later, after a difficult winter with crews working tirelessly and with limited heat and electricity, The Windjammer is preparing for it's first wedding of the season this upcoming weekend. Sorensen goes on, "it was a rough six months, it really was, weather wise. It was really hard doing all we do here with the weather being as uncooperative. We had water in the building two times after the hurricane."

Many businesses along the coast are still hard at work repairing all the damage Sandy left behind, but one thing local businesses do not have to worry about being ready for the summer is the main draw, the beach. Steve Hartford, Westerly Town Manager explains, "there's a lot of employment and business associated with the tourism here in Westerly, so it's important that the beaches are open and are back to where they were, so, we're almost there."

While there is plenty of work left to do, the community is confident it will be a great summer which will kick off with the Misquamicut Spring Fest, May 10th-12th.