(WPRI) -- Wickford is a quaint little seaside town that's known for its historic buildings, tree-lined streets, unique shops and -- of course -- the friendly people who live there.

Rhode Show co-host Meaghan Mooney took a trip to Wickford Village to see for herself why so many Rhode Islanders call it one of their favorite spots.

"I think everybody who comes to Wickford feels a sense of community," Donna Trottier of Blue Hydrangea said. "They're greeted, they get to see different things. They get to walk around in this beautiful neighborhood and grab a nice lunch, grab some ice cream, have some chowder. It's just a wonderful way to spend an afternoon."

The town was established three centuries ago, and its historic characteristics are still everywhere you look.

"It's just a really quaint village to visit," Elaine Porter of Beauty and the Bath said. "It's why you come here. You walk around and you can really feel like you've seen a part of history."

Wickford gives shoppers the opportunity to peek into charming buildings filled with treasures that would be difficult to find anywhere else. There's even a boutique gift shop for your pets!

"We try to be unique to New England," Brianna Runshe, owner of Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique, said. "There's only one of us. There's only one Shaggy Chic Boutique.

After walking through town and visiting the shops, you can head Unwind and Review, a former fisherman shack turned massage and reflexology studio.

"I've been doing massage for about twenty years and finally got to a place where I'm working out of my home and this shack seemed perfect," Kitty Cook, owner of Unwind and Renew, said. "It's the most tranquil yard. It's right by a dock being able to look out onto the creek."