Posted By Sally Lerman on 7/17/2012 11:51:00 PM

This might have been my favorite lobster roll during a weekend in Narragansett. It's a tough call between this one and the one from Jim's Dock, but Jim's had price and parking issues, so. Come to think of it, I did get dropped off here, so maybe they have the same parking issues.

It's a very hearty lobster roll, full of bite-sized hunks of tail and claw, minimal spongies. The meat has the fresh, briny flavor of the sea with just enough mayo to hold it all together without overwhelming the flavor. The bread seems bakery, not grocery white bread, always a big winner in my book. The bread was very buttery, grilled and warm so that it matched the cold lobster with a nice, but not too much, crunch. Superfluous lettuce included, but I got rid of that.

The venue's not bad either. It's just what you think of for a fisherman-fresh, dockside seafood joint. There's an outdoor dining deck that looks like it could be hopping on a weekend. There's a bar for beverage purchases and seats at the bar where you can enjoy your lobster and drink. This sounds kind of funny to say, but you don't find many eat-in bars with booze in the lobster shack world. If you've never tried Narragansett Summer Ale, do so; it's great.