On Monday, we talked (and ate) johnny cakes. We’ve featured Kenyon Mill and their annual johnny cake festival here in the past. Today, we’re highlighting johnny cake variations from around the country, letting the internet be our cookbook. To read any of the recipes mentioned, click on the links below.

Ok, before we even get started, a word about the spelling of johnny cake. It varies. Some claim that the only real and proper Rhode Island way to spell it is jonnycake. And even if you add the “h,” is it one word or two? I’ve settled with the most common johnny cake.

We’ll start, where we left off, with Kenyon Mill. On the Johnny Cake Festival site, you can use the basic recipe as a launching pad for your own improvisations and try some of the alternative recipes—like the southwestern style, with corn and salsa, thin and crisp “Newport style” or make dessert a chocolate johnny cake.