Rhode Island RC&D
60 Quaker Lane, Suite 45
Warwick, RI 02886
Telephone: (401) 822-8877
Fax: (401) 828-0433

President - Harriet Powell
Vice President - Raymond Robinson
Secretary - Beverly Migliore
Treasurer - Myrna George
Council Associate - Gerry Bertrand

(401) 822-8878 email: gerry.bertrand@ri.usda.gov

Project Associate - Kathryn Zuromski
(401) 822-8879 email: kathryn.zuromski@ri.usda.gov

Urban & Community Forestry Project Coordinator - Peter Lockwood
(401) 647-3367 email: peter.lockwood@dem.ri.gov

Meeting Schedule: First Wednesday of the months of: Jan, March, May, July, September and November at 1:00pm at the Rhode Island NRCS Conference Room, 2nd floor, 60 Quaker Lane,Warwick, RI 02886.

Council Projects:
RI River and Stream Continuity Project, Coverts Project (Ruffed Grouse), Pawcatuck Optimization Project (Water), Nutient Management Plans, Rhody Warm Marketing Program(wool blankets), Yankee Woods - (Forestry products marketing), Rhody Warm Mulch Project(wool mulch), 5-year Area Plan 2009-2014 and Public Outreach, Grazing Lands Initiative, RI Rural Fire Suppression Assistance Program, Urban and Community Forestry Management Program, Forest Stewardship Assistance, RI Rural Energy Partnership, RI Farm Biodiversity Certification and Yankee Woods Projects.