We're already seeing visitors in South County renting beach homes as they ride out the remainder of the pandemic and maybe planning to stay through the summer. We're also getting inquiries from folks who are looking to rent a house on the beach for the summer. But many forget about all the gear you need if you're not staying in a hotel. Even if you're staying in a hotel, if you are bringing along kids and/or pets, they require a certain amount of gear that you may not want to lug with you. Especially if you're flying here. So, we're re-sharing this blog about a local company that has you covered - from sheets and towels, to beach gear, to carriages and playpens for kids and carriers and more for pets.

Packing for a family vacation can be stressful to say the least. Kids and pets alone require so much gear. And if you're renting a vacation house, more than likely you will need to provide your own linens. And if you're renting a beach house in South County, Rhode Island this summer as a break from the pandemic, you will definitely want to bring your own linens. Or you can rent them. Trust us, renting is so much easier than lugging everything you own with you. Vacation House Linen Rentals to the rescue! 

Vacation House Linen Rental

If you're renting a house in South County for your summer vacation, Vacation House Linen Rentals will provide you with freshly laundered and disinfected sheets and towels. You can launder them yourself during your stay and reuse, or order fresh linens throughout your stay. It's so much easier than lugging your own from home and then lugging dirty linens home with you. Vacation House Linen Rentals is taking great precautions for COVID safety. Read their FAQs here

beach gear vacation house

Whether you're renting a house or staying in a hotel, you'll most likely be going to one of South County's 20 public beaches. After all, it's what we're known for. In that case, you will want a cooler, beach chairs, perhaps an umbrella, maybe something to lug all that into the beach - never fear - Vacation House Linen Rentals has all the beach gear you could ever need. From beach umbrellas to kids' toys and everything in-between - cleaned and disinfected and safe. All you have to do is place an order, at least a week in advance. 

pet gear

Kids and pets both require their own gear. And it's usually bulky and awkward and heavy. Do you have room in your car for all of it? Probably not. Definitely not if you're not even driving to South County, Rhode Island but maybe you're arriving by train or by bus or even flying here. You just can't lug all that gear. Rent it! Vacation House Linen Rentals provides everything you might need for your pet - from crates and carriers to playpens and fences. Kids require so much stuff - rent it all - from cribs and safety gates to strollers and playpens. Vacation House Linen Rentals provides baby gear via a site called BabyQuip.

Everything is clean and disinfected and in good condition. You can travel as lightly as possible and still have everything you need while you're here. And whether you're renting a house or staying in a hotel, your items will be delivered and picked up. 

So go ahead, book a stay in South County, Rhode Island and don't sweat the gear - it's all here waiting for you.