One of the most fun things about planning your wedding is picking out the cake. The suggested time for ordering the cake is six or more months prior to the wedding. Save it for when you're frustrated and need a break from trying on gowns and trying to find a bridesmaid's dress all your bridesmaids will agree on. The cake is something you and your fiancé get to do together. And who doesn't love cake?

Cake trends run from pretty, traditional white cakes, to "naked" cakes to cake alternatives, like cupcakes or pies. Below are some cake trends that may inspire you. For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest board.

b3b34b0f039f1a2280d9eb1d080096f6The traditional white wedding cake is updated with texture.

47bc6b2c7f34112376945edac0ef846fThe "naked" wedding cake is wonderful for a rustic, outdoors wedding. It feels natural, deconstructed and fresh.

66eed7c170377456ea43ae01e52f2e27This glitter hearts cake is perfect for an intimate ceremony.

3d32af5a6efeac6ce9fe9ee768401233Our favorite, this is classic South County beach wedding.

f7b5dd4d2b0274f39ee152d1eeda63bbAn alternative option, cake and cake pops. For those guests who only want a taste, they can have just a cake pop.


cf89587a5bba2c6aaa039854c84afd16Another alternative option for a rustic wedding is cupcakes and a small, whole cake as a topper.