South County is composed of 100 miles of coastline that hug the southernmost edge of Rhode Island - the littlest state in the union, and also the most unique. There are so many unique offerings in South County that your wedding is sure to be memorable. Be sure to indulge in the fresh, local seafood. Incorporate our clam shell into your stationery and let our seaside palette color your ceremony. As you plan your event, be sure to look for special touches that speak to you and are uniquely yours.

This Ocean House Wedding has a lot of unique touches. Read the article in The Knot for more inspiration:


Welcome your guests to the reception with a signature cocktail that also happens to be your favorite:

SSP_3914_2Utilize a local symbol for your seating cards:

SSP_9541-2Show your unique sense of style with your footwear:

SSP_3793-2Remember the details, even the cocktail napkins can reflect your wedding colors: