Fall in New England is something so spectacular that people will travel from as far away as Japan and China to come see the leaves change color. The air has a crispness to it, like the snap of biting into one Autumn's most delicious fruits, the apple. The colors of nature alone offer a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor wedding and the photos you'll have to remember it by. The temperature is nearly perfect, not hot like the summers and no snow or biting cold to worry about. So, if you're planning a wedding for the Fall, and you think South County is only a summer destination, think again.

There are many unique venues to choose from - farms, museums, historic sites, and the beach...just to name a few.

See some beautiful examples of South County weddings in the Fall below. Be sure to visit our wedding website for venues, vendors and more, and our Pinterest wedding board for ideas!

Wedding Narragansett Bridge, Seth Jacobson    Stephanie & Kyle 350  generalstore