The wedding dress, along with the location, set the tone for the wedding. If you're having a beach wedding, for instance and your dress is simple, flowy and light, it sets a casual, beachy/bohemian tone. If you're having a church wedding and your dress is more conservative, perhaps heavier and more ornate, that sets the tone for a more traditional wedding. Once you decide on a location, a church wedding or an outdoor ceremony, you must choose a dress to match the mood and theme.

A beach or outdoor ceremony means it's ok to be a little more casual, perhaps a strapless gown that's light and flows or a simple sheath. Below are some photos with different styles and in different settings. Be sure to visit South County's bridal gown vendors - we're sure you'll say yes to the dress!

Jeannie & Mike wedding 50Narragansett-Susan Sancomb-brides

Staesha & Keith wedding 65

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