If you have been affected by the school closures, office closings and trip cancellations associated with Coronavirus, you can still get away, closer to home. South County offers many ways to get outdoors and enjoy nature and escape from the stresses of the everyday world.

Mountain Biking

Explore our mountain biking trails and bike paths.

Family Hiking

Take a hike and get back to nature. We have miles of trails through lush forests and woodlands and some that spill out onto secluded, sandy beaches.

Walking East Beach

Now is a great time to enjoy scenic long walks on our beautiful beaches.

Frying Pan Pond Arcadia Kayaking

Paddle through peaceful inlet waterways.

Lobster and beer

Our Governor has shut down dining out at restaurants for two weeks for safety but you can still get take out, or just go out and buy gift cards to your favorite restaurants and use them when this all blows over. Our restaurants (and other small businesses) need the support right now.

Shop local

Shop local, shop small, shop online...

Ocean House Guest Room

Our hotels are open, offering special off-season rates and taking extra precautions so book your stay.

This is a trying time for small businesses and if you're local, or nearby, this is a great time to visit and support our partners.

We advise all of our visitors, partners and residents to exercise caution and adhere to advisories issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH). Our Governor has shut down any gatherings or events of 25 people or more, but she has not asked any local businesses to close. Our restaurants, shops, hotels and other businesses remain open and are complying with the CDC guidelines. We haven't given up on travel and we are still welcoming visitors, we just urge caution and social distancing and we can offer you some space in nature to get away.