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Carolena's Bakery

  • The idea for Carolena's came about as our family was quarantined this past year. Missing our families from out of state and taking a step back from our fast paced lifestyle, we started to crave slow paced living and naturally stepped back into our roots. Embracing time together as we played, gardened and baked, our daughters took a natural liking to the kitchen. Here we experimented with Great Grandmother Lucia Rose's Italian cookbook from her early days in Pratola Peligna, Italy. We have taken our families old-world recipes and continued the tradition of creating items our grandmothers would be proud of. We value a homemade approach to all of our baked goods as each is created from scratch in our kitchen daily. We strive to celebrate these traditions along side altering many of the recipes to include options for Gluten sensitive and nut and peanut allergy sufferers. After two decades of suffering from an autoimmune disease myself, I longed to enjoy the food from my Italian heritage but was always afraid to trust the ingredients in them. Now I can!! I am excited to have had this time with my family and to take a step back and enjoy what is important and to share with our local community! "Mangia Mangia"