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Island Rose Spa

  • Going through life, you always hear “life is a journey” and I can attest that I believe this statement is true based on my real-life experiences. When contemplating the perfect name for my spa it had to be the right name on so many levels, the possibilities were endless, and they all just didn’t encompass the emotions and depth of my own personal connection to finally opening my own spa which has been a life-long dream. Finally, my thoughts lead me to one of my favorite plants (wild beach roses) and the feelings of calmness and serenity when visiting the ocean and seeing the wind gently moving the strong and sturdy wild roses. Of course, when I immediately called my Mom for the 205th time and asked, “what do you think about Island Rose Spa?” - without hesitation she said, “it’s perfect”. Mom then continued to remind me about how my grandparents met and how my grandfather called my grandmother “His Block Island Rose”. My grandmother, Julia Mott, was born and raised on Block Island and my grandfather, Tore Rubin was raised on Orland, an island off the southern coast of Sweden. They met in the summer of 1946 on Block Island.While on leave in New York as a Merchant Marine (after traveling the world for ten years during the war) he helped sail a large yacht to Block Island as a favor for a friend and the rest is history. As my grandfather’s journey continued with his Block Island Rose, so my journey with Island Rose Spa looks forward while giving tribute to the past.